Quality and Process

As any superior quality leather product, we have identified and perfected every key aspect of what it entails in producing the product of your choice. This process includes, selection of the right kind of leather, the design to best suit your needs, and the craftsmanship for its unprecedented style and durability. We are probably the only company that incorporates all of these within our own in-house state of the art Tannery, Design, Crafting and Manufacturing facility.
The only aspect we do not have any control over in the production of the leather that make our products is the animal that carries the quality hide before it becomes a Glanor Leather. However, after the animal’s destiny, from the minute detail of the individual carefully handpicked selection of the Raw Hide, every piece of hide is then processed with exact custom Glanor specification with respect to the product that it is intended to be made into. In our in-house tannery, we do not cater to a “one fit all criteria of leather-to-product” concept as our competitors do. For example our Rugged Leather goes through a very stringent process of applying numerous quotes of Tanning Agents (material that gives body to the leather). This process is replicated multiple times over several carefully calculated intervals (often days or weeks, depending on what is desired to be produced) to ensure enough tanning agents are absorbed to result in making the leather to its desired durability, giving it a “Healthy Look”. Its aging process is just what is expected of rugged distressed leather, giving the inevitable scars and scratches a new amazing look every time. We use vegetable oil and no harmful chemicals in all our tanning processes, making it very “skin friendly”. Our leather is water resistant or as some would call it shower resistant, as opposed to water proof, hence if it gets wet all you have to do is let it dry and you are good to go. We generously use as much of our premium leather as possible never substituting it for a lesser kind of material, or ever cutting corners to save on the premium leather that we are so proud of. Where need be we use a double layer of the same premium leather, to provide stability and durability in the quality Glanor product you deserve. Our products are loaded with premium high quality goodies. We are so proud of our leather that unlike our competitors we never cover our leather with fabric lining to hide the leather, but instead confidently show it off, for you to enjoy its very best quality. There are a host of other unique characteristics about our leather that we can talk about, and probably enough to write a book about it, and maybe, someday we may, but as of now it’s our secret, to serve you with the best. You have to see a Glanor product and feel it to truly appreciate it.
Our design process starts of by interviewing lifelong users of that product category, paying attention to every little detail of their everyday and wishful needs. We then incorporate those concepts in our intended product design, making sure that it does not deficit to its functionality, style, looks, durability and any aesthetic or non-aesthetic value that may be associated with it. This process is probably the most cumbersome of all our processes as we are trying to create a euphoria with just one person in mind, you. However it is a process worthwhile and we love to make this as a key part of our process. We live with the philosophy; that The Devil Angel is in the detail. As part of our ongoing improvement strategy we are continually incorporating new ideas within our existing designs or starving to create new designs, so if you have an idea that you will like to conceptualize in our next edition, let us know and we would love to be able to do just that.
We have developed a state of the art in-house craftsmanship and manufacturing plant to achieve absolute perfection in all our processes. Right from cutting the leather to its desired design and size, to stitching and finally to packaging, every step is critically analyzed and micro managed to create a product that is bound to take your breath away. Any component not produced at our facility as yet, is sourced from leading vendors around the world, who are recognized for excellence in the respective industries. We employ the Six Sigma process perfection methodology enabling us to incorporate the needs of our customers upon conception. Also later in the stage, catering to their changing popular needs within our existing design patterns. Producing; One Perfect Item at a time and replicating that same for the next and the next after the next. Our artisan/leather craftsmen are chosen only if they have significant industry experience, have a proven track record and are the cream of the crop of the industry. Each stage of the product development lifecycle (PDLC) is quality controlled, and repeated all over again if need be, adhering to a very stringent and strict zero tolerance policy on any less than acceptable product quality. Rest assured you are in the very best of safe hands when it comes to getting the industries best rugged, rustic, distressed, vintage leather briefcases, laptop bags, messenger bags, backpacks, satchels, duffel bags, gym bags, belts, wallets and endless possibilities of products to come.